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Travelling to York University

I’m planning on buying a boosted board to travel to York University, it is about a 45-minute ride from my house to the university. Is it worth it, and I know that the area around York is prone to criminal activity, so do you think I might get robbed. Thanks

5 Answers

  1. Take the bus! Use your board on hotter and more clear days if you'd like. Septemeber is usually pretty hot, so you can cut down costs there, but busing, in general, should be your go to. Everyone I know that attends York, takes the Bramalea terminal, which is about 45 to an hour ride to the 501A – Zum Station Stop WB. With the crazy snow, rain and freezing we have, busing should be more reliable than a board. Yes there is traffic and yes there are delays, but wouldn't you want to arrive safely?

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