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Transition from Grade 10 to 11

I’m in grade 10 right now and I want to know if grade 11 is hard? My classes are mostly The Arts, Tech Education, and Social Studies. I’m really stressed for next year can someone tell me honestly how they felt in grade 11.

1 Answer

  1. Hello.

    The contents you will study in grade 11 are not be directly related to grade 10 courses except for math and science. You will learn new content so it will not be hard. Honestly, only considering the difficulty, I felt the same as grade 10 because everything I learned was new. Don’t be stressed and if you are going to study arts, it will be even more interesting!! You’ll do great. However, math and science will be harder than grade 10 and you would need to put more effort into these courses.

    Do not be scared before you start it!! It will be better than you thought!!

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