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Transferring to UOIT/Ontario Tech University from Ryerson University engineering help

Hello, anyone who is reading this. I am going into first year engineering at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. Out of all honesty however, now right before the start of first term I feel I probably should have chosen to go to UOIT/Ontario tech university, as I am not sure if I will like living downtown as I am used to a more urban city like Oshawa, similarly to where I grew up. I thought I would like living in the city, but now I am starting to have doubts about it. Additionally, now I realize that the smaller class sizes are more appealing for me, as it would give me a better chance of getting skills from the professors, improve my learning, and develop better opportunities to network with other. Additionally, UOIT actually has a mechatronics degree program which I am interested in, whereas Ryerson does have mechatronics, but only as specialty of mechanical engineering, is what I am interested in. My question for any UOIT engineering students, or anyone for the matter, would you happen to know if it is possible to transfer to UOIT after first year engineering from another school? If so, how would the process of doing so work? If I decided to do this, when in first year would I have to begin the process? Would they take my GPA into account? If I had decent grades, would my chances of getting a spot in the program be higher? Is it common for people to transfer to UOIT after first year in general? Since they are a smaller school with lesser of a reputation so far, would they be more willing to accept me into their mechatronics engineering program? In terms of my first year courses, its very general meaning that calculus 1, physics 1, general chemistry, linear algebra, programming, and design classes are very similar, and their curriculum’s should not be very different as engineering curriculum’s follow a specific standard. That being said, I do not believe their will be many issues in terms of course equivalencies, but for courses like technical communications, impact of science and technology on society were courses that I will not have at Ryerson, so will I be penalized at all for not taking them, or is there a possibility of having them waved? If not, would I have to take them in the summer before second year, or perhaps in a different year down the road? Has anyone else transferred to UOIT in second year, and what was your experience like? Any other information about transferring that anyone has  that I haven’t mentioned be greatly appreciated Thank you

1 Answer

  1. Transferring after enrolling at a different university is hell for a number of reasons. First, transfer spots are limited since there are way fewer seats for this kind of thing compared to the number of freshmen that they intake each year. Second, getting a competitive GPA while enrolled in a university curriculum is much harder than high school, and it’s exponentially worse for people in engineering. Third, not all credits may transfer seamlessly since not all programs are structured the same way, even if they’re the same major. In short, you will be creating a massive headache for yourself by transferring schools.

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