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Transferring programs within University of Waterloo?

If I got into Physical Sciences co-op at University of Waterloo and then I spend a year in that program, will I be able to transfer into Mathematics co-op at the end of first year if I meet a certain average and have similar courses to what the Mathematics program requires for first year? Will I graduate later than my friends? Will I have to take an extra term of school?

2 Answers

  1. If you couldn't get in directly from high school, what makes you think transferring within is gonna be easier? And why do you care if you have to take extra time to graduate? It's university, budzo, not high school. And you'll likely have to take an extra year to make up for the program's prereq courses.

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  2. Why don't you just apply straight into Math co-op? If you can get into Physical Sciences Co-op you can probably get into Math too.
    Yes you can try to transfer after first year but it probably won't be easy to do.

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