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Transferring from Ryerson Politics and Governance to Laurier PoliSci?


 I’m currently a second year student in the Politics and Governance program at Ryerson University, considering transferring into Laurier’s Political Science program. My main reason for transferring is simply quality of life/experience. I’ve felt lacklustre about Ryerson since my first semester of first year, but decided to throw myself into clubs/groups on campus in order to achieve the “college experience” I wanted, while being a commuter.

 I still feel unhappy with Ryerson, in my second year, after honestly trying to enjoy it, and I think transferring is my best option. I’ve chosen Laurier because I have some friends who go there, and I’ve visited them (on normal weekends, not just HOCO or St Paddy’s), and think that I would really fit in there. 

 My ultimate question is, has anyone transferred from Ryerson’s Politics and Governance program into Laurier’s Political Science program, or does anyone know someone that does? I’ve looked it up on ontransfer, but I know that that site is not always 100% accurate, and am wondering if anyone has any personal/anecdotal experience with this. Another question, more a matter of opinion, it is possible that I may lose a semester or more, is it worth it, in order to be happier? My goal is law school, so money that I spend on housing and tuition is important, as law school is expensive. 

 Thank you for reading this long, if you have, and I greatly appreciate any help or advice, I’ve been dealing with these negative feelings for over a year now, anything helps!

11 Answers

  1. If you've already completed 2 years at Ryerson, and want to save money for law school, then why do you feel the need to make the switch now?
    The way 3rd and 4th year courses are designed is that you can easily fit your schedule into 2-3 days a week of class. So, you would only have to be at Ryerson for a few days of the week. Is this really worth the hassle of transferring schools, and going into all that debt for housing and living expenses? You don't have any friends at Ryerson or Toronto in general you can chill with? Is your GPA high enough for law school admissions standards?

    My honest opinion is that Ryerson is a commuter school, but there are so many fun things to do in downtown Toronto as opposed to Waterloo. Really, if you can't go out and have fun in the downtown Toronto core, then the problem lies with you and not the school. Even if you were to switch to Laurier, as a 3rd year student do you really want to spend all your time partying with first years? Upper year students are generally more laid-back and focused on their academics, seeking out employment opportunities, and preparing their graduate and professional school applications. People tend to get the partying out of their system in their first and second years.    

    Anyways, depending on your grades you can easily transfer. I don't think the additional debt is worth it, personally, but that is your decision to make. Be prepared to also answer questions when people ask you why you switched schools – future peers and employers. 

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