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Transferring from Brock to York

I recently got admitted into Biomedical sciences at Brock and psychology (BSc) at York, I really want to go to York for Biomed but I did not get admitted into it, York is financial better and closer to me but Psych is not the program I want to do, Brock is far and more expensive but I got admitted into the program I want, I am not sure if I should go to York and do psych for the first year and transfer to biomed in second year, or should I do Biomed at Brock for first year and transfer to York for biomed for second year? which would be better? what would also be my requirements?

2 Answers

  1. It’s always better to apply to the program directly from high school because transferring from one school to another is risky business. You don’t know what your performance will be in freshman year and the seats for transfers are also much more limited. If I were you, I’d go to York and get your GPA as high as possible in your general first year for a program transfer. Don’t pay for room and board for a school and program you aren’t interested in. Also, why are you specifically looking to major in biomed over psych? You realize that both will require you to do further schooling to make anything out of it, right?

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  2. What do you think the difference is between psych and biomed in undergrad? You can take many of the same courses. This isn’t medical school we are talking about. I know people who did biomed degrees working minimum wage jobs. Save your money and go to York. There are many science majors at York you can choose from. They are all the same to medical school, dental school, etc. All that matters is your GPA. Why are you blowing more money and going into debt for useless undergraduate science degree? It makes very little sense. The courses you want to take in York biomed, just take them as electives in the psych program if you are unable to transfer in. Finally, if you can’t even get into York biomed out of high school, what do you hope to do with this degree in the first place? Are you smart and capable enough to get into grad/professional school? Start asking yourself some tough questions now so you don’t waste time and money on this endeavour. Science degrees are largely useless in the job market.

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