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Toronto Housing Neill Wyick

I applied to live in Neill-Wyick for next year. I was put on the mailing list in March and the person there told me that they send out all their applications at the same time at the end of April and then it’s first come first serve. I filled out and mailed back my application the same day I got it and paid for same day shipping, yet I called them and they said I was 212 on the waiting list. I have three questions 1) Is it possible it was a scam? The only reason I’m asking is because they wanted $530 for the application and the fact that I’m 212 on the waitlist after applying the same day. I understand it’s popular and rooms are not guaranteed regardless of when I applied, but I just want to be safe. 2) What are my chances of getting off the waitlist by September? I live 5 hours away so I need housing beforehand but can’t really afford anywhere else. 3) Does anyone know any other cheap housing in Toronto? I already looked at campus coop and a bunch of other student housing and, as well as searched on kijiji. My budget is about $800/month but would prefer lower – if it’s somewhere in the GTA, the budget is for rent and transportation. Preferably somewhere either near Ryerson or a subway line but feel free to give me other suggestions

3 Answers

  1. Why don’t you find other people to bunk with? No way you’re gonna find your own place in downtown Toronto for $800 a month.

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  2. Anyway, I think it’s dangerous to live on campus right now. It is not for nothing that we sat in isolation for so long. Although I endured it so hard, I even had to go to a therapist to help me get through all my experiences. Now I feel much more confident and calmer

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