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Top 6 4U/M courses

Hi there, 
I just have a quick question regarding the so-called “top 6 4U/M courses” that universities use to calculate your average. I am in Grade 12 and I took one 4U course last year (MHF4U) and have 3 each semester this year, for a total of 7 4U/M courses. Here is my problem: I am currently struggling in one of my courses right now (ICS4U) which I am 100% positive will not be part of my top 6, since my second semester courses aren’t too bad. But when universities start looking at marks this upcoming winter, more specifically, my Gr 11 marks (which were pretty good in my opinion, low 90’s), MHF4U which I took last year and my three current courses (ICS4U, MDM4U and ENG4U), will they still look at my low ICS mark, which is about a 70? Or will they just look at my top 6 marks combined, from either Gr11/Gr 12 (which I’m hoping will happen)? I’m just curious because the fact that one class may jeopardize my admission is making me feel anxious. By the way, my top choice is UTSC for Statistics, which requires a high 80’s average based on last year (they are asking for a higher average than UTSG, which is pretty surprising). Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read through this and I look forward for your response,   


1 Answer

  1. They look at ur grade 12 before 11 since u have only have 3 after semester 1 they will look at all of thoses

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