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too late to apply again?

So I applied to U of T and Ryesrson and UOIT for Life Science but I really don’t plan on going to med school cause I’m not really interested in doing that. The only reason I applied to those is because I though I would be interested but something happened in my life and changed my whole outlook and Business management or Policing is what I actually want to do in life. Is it too late to switch programs and apply to crim or business I’m in a grade 12 and it’s the end of February right now. My marks are good so I don’t thinks it’s a problem of getting in but if it’s too late to apply. Or would I get into life science at utsc or ryerson and then transfer into business management, but I don’t know how that would work and the process. I know I messed up and changed it late but it’s better now than when I actually go to university I guess?

5 Answers

  1. You can apply to police college with any degree. Just as how most people with life science degrees don't go to medical school, most people with criminology degrees don't become lawyers and police officers. I don't think you've really done much research. I know someone who did forensic science and went to police college. You don't even need a degree to apply to police college (although it is certainly helpful), and a degree in criminology or law & society does not help you at all. They give preference to people with degrees in engineering, business, mathematics, forensic science, etc. 
    Do a business degree, because you can still apply to police college or work in business with this. It provides you with the best of both worlds. If it were me, I would not waste time and money on doing first year life sci. You may be able to transfer into business but will likely have to start all over again. 
    I would do a victory lap. Beef up your application and apply to good business schools – Schulich, Ivey, Laurier, Rotman, Queen's, Brock Accounting, Waterloo AFM, McGill, etc. Don't waste thousands of dollars on first year life sci, when you probably have to start all over again. More importantly, the only business programs you'd actually be able to transfer into are mediocre ones that have no reputation. You certainly won't get into the good business programs, unless you think you'll be an "A" student in university. 

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  2. You can still apply to programs through OUAC as long as the application hasn't been closed!

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