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Thread for Queen’ Health Science (on-campus)

Hey! If you’re applying to Queen’s University for their Health Sciences on-campus degree, can you comment: 
– your grade 11 avg 
– your grade 12 avg (atm), based off of what courses 
– what learning path you’re interested in taking (if you’re interested in taking one at all) 
– your other choices of universities and programs from 1st pick to 3rd (or 4th, 5th …) 
– your dream job

10 Answers

  1. I guess I'll start if off:– 88% in gr 11– 91% in gr 12 (eng., bio., adv fncs, and I have a spare, my school is semestered)– #1 Global health and disease, and #2 the research methods– 1st: Queens health sci, 2nd: Queens life sci, and 3rd is Mac life sci– Biomedical Research  (though it may change lol)

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  2. -96% in grade 11 -92% in grade 12 (semestered, currently have advanced functions, chemistry & physics) -not sure yet -other program choices are mac life sci, western med sci, mac health sci  -medical, law, or research?? not 100% sure

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  3. – 93 in gr 11– currently low 90s in gr 12, not semestered system– medical– waterloo kinesiology; laurier health science– not 100% sure

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  4. -95% grade 11-96% grade 12 ( earth and space, data, chem)-Mac health sci, western med sci, Ottawa biomed -Physician 

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  5. – 91% in grade 11– 90% currently (yikes cutting it close)– the anatomy/physiology path– mac health, western med, mac kin– hopefully physician but I'm also interested in physiotherapy and genetic counseling

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  6. – Grade 11 average : 92 %– Grade 12 average : 95 % (96 % in Advanced Functions, 96 % in Kinesiology and 93 % in Chemistry)– Path to medicine– Choices :1 – Health Sciences at Queen's University2 – Biomedical Sciences (in French) at the University of Ottawa3 – Biomedical Sciences at the University of Guelph– Physician (I currently want to become a dermatologist, but that could change)

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