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These are my courses that I am taking for grade 12, any thoughts/tips to make this schedule easy to handle?

so these are the courses I am taking in Grade 12.
  • grade 12 chemistry (university)
  • grade 12 biology (university)
  • advanced functions (university)
  • calculus (university)
  • kinesiology (university)
  • leadership course (PLF4M1)
  • philosophy (university)
  • grade 12 english (in summer school)
I am trying to get into health sciences, and there are a couple of universities abroad which I am applying to.

5 Answers

  1. Why are you taking so many courses? universities only look at your Top 6 Gr.12 marks, including prerequisites. English is a prerequisite for every program. Look at the prerequisites for the programs you are applying to and figure out what you need, and what you do not need. You can get rid of one of these courses that you do not need. Lastly, what do you want to do with health sci. Keep in mind that most BSc degrees are useless in the job market and med school acceptance rates are less than 5%. Have a very good backup plan. I know too many people making near minimum wage after spending years and lots of money on pursuing degrees like this.

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    • english and philosophy are needed by my high school so I have those on track.
      – advanced functions, biology and chemistry: pre-reqs needed by my university (and universities)
      – calculus I am taking because my school advisor recommends taking it because they said that calculus is required in first semester of Health Sci programs
      – kinesiology: because it seems like a fun course to take and I am good at memorizing so it should not be difficult
      – leadership course: originally had a spare, but school advisor added this course because they thought I should have a course that could boost my marks

      I may drop leadership if I get to it to have another spare, but only time can tell

      I am also applying to universities outside of canada (not the united states if assuming)

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  2. There is nothing about that courseload that will be “easy to handle.” This is pretty standard for what most kids take if they’re going the STEM route, except you aren’t taking physics. If I were you, I’d drop leadership and kin so that you can have one spare per semester to give you more breathing room to study. As long as you use the time wisely, it’ll be well worth it, trust me. You will be overwhelmed by the rigour unless you decide you sacrifice your sleep.

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  3. Your schedule is manageable. You have 7 classes, and definitely you should add physics. I would remove kinesiology. If your school offer any science or math on AP level, it’s good to take it, if you are going to sciences or health sciences in university, to be on the same level as your competition.
    Good luck!

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