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Summer School Mark

The teacher messed my mark. I tried to contact him to fix it, but I did not get a reply back. Who can I contact to resolve this? I even contacted my summer school co-ordinator, but got no reply. For info, I am in the PEEL DSB.

3 Answers

  1. You will have to wait until September. Where I live teachers have their contracts ended the day marks are given out. What is wrong with your mark? Is it lower than you expected or is the unofficial and the official mark different.?

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  2. “Everyone has left for the Summer and the OCDSB eLearning Summer School is now closed.

    If you have an urgent issue (not related to a concern about your mark), please contact

    This is the newsletter that was given out on my course.

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  3. Maybe you can try contacting one of your teacher’s superiors, like perhaps the guidance department or the principal? The sad thing is, the teacher is what ultimately has the final say on your grade. There is very little that the school itself can do. Only in very extreme circumstances can a guidance counsellor adjust your grade on the transcript, but it will raise a red flag for OUAC applications.

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