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Suggest a good apartment

My son recently joined APT injection training in Oakville. He has a very good experience from AP. The only difficulty he faces is traveling. The training center is too far from our home. So he becomes too tired after getting home and it affects his studies. He asked me to find a good apartment near his training center so he could avoid his traveling. Could you please suggest me a good and affordable apartment near APT injection training in Oakville1d34c?

4 Answers

  1. It is unlikely that anyone on this forum will be able to help. It is mostly populated by high school students. Perhaps if your son spoke to the administrators of his program they might be able to make some suggestions.

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  2. I don’t understand…why can’t you just go on Kijji or something and look at the local classifieds for open housing locations? Why would anyone here know about apartments in that specific area?

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  3. When I was studying instead of an apartment I lived in a detached house. It was awesome. Yeap, I needed to conduct some repairs (for instance, to make a basement waterproof but it was definitely worth it. I really liked that time.

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  4. Whatever good condition your new apartment is in, pay attention to tap water and its purification. Also, read about types of filters in order to make your water clean and safe. There are not much to learn so I hope you’ll read the article.

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