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Studies in America after O levels.

Hi There..! I am Uzair from Pakistan. Currently I am in my last year of O levels (grade 11) which will be completed in June 2016. After that I want to continue my studies (high school, University etc) in America.
Kindly suggest me a high school and the procedure of admission and how to apply for it.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

4 Answers

  1. This isn't an American University forum; this a Canadian one. Process is different for both countries.

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  2. We can't really suggest a high school here since this is mostly for university admissions and also since this is mainly for people in Canadian high schools. 
    However, from the sounds of it you are planning on moving to the US. Most schools in the US will consider you as an international student unless you happen to have a Green Card (Permanent Residency in the US) or a US Citizenship, so keep that in mind when applying to US universities. 
    My 2 cents would be that you should complete your 12th year of high school, get your high school diploma and then apply for universities in the US.  
    Sorry if that isn't much. I can't really give much since I'm not familiar with the system over there. 

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