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Should you travel solo?

If you ask anyone what the want to do before they die, there is a high likeliness that they will say “I want to travel.” It’s often hard to find a group to travel with, especially when you’re young – people are often at different points in their lives. Some young adults are leaving for university, some are taking gap years, some are simply working, and everyone differs in their financial status, and stability. I would recommend travelling alone! If you Google “why should I travel alone” you’ll get tons of reasons why you should travel alone, but here is why I believe you should:

Travel Freedom
If you travel alone, you are entirely in charge of your itinerary. Your best friend may not want to visit that ancient temple, but you do – if you travel alone, you can! The only person who can nix an idea is you. It’s fantastic! 

Self-Confidence, and Growth
By travelling alone, you create a whole new dependance on yourself, and gain more independence. You’ll have the ability to learn, and grow as a person by travelling on your own. You’ll learn to make your own decisions, and learn from your poor decisions. 

Meet New People
While travelling alone you’ll find that you are more open to meeting new people. Even small trips for me, I’ve noticed that when I go by myself, I’m more inept to talk to strangers and venture outside on my own than if I were to travel with friends, family or a significant other.

Have you done any travelling? Have you ventured on a solo trip? Tell us about your experiences!

4 Answers

  1. I’ve had a similar experience traveling alone, and to be honest, I think it’s not suitable for everyone. Still, you can travel in company or with a friend, and do all the same things. Still, most of the time it’s a bit boring, and sometimes it’s not even safe to drive alone. I only traveled on my own when I went to Hawaii with a new surfboard with and rode for several days. And then it can not be called a lonely trip, since there were always a lot of surfers with whom I communicated

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  2. yeah, it is rather interesting, I think. I have always wanted to travel solo, but never tried it. Can someone share his experience?

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  3. In my opinion, travelling alone is not the best idea. I mean, some countries have specific food which is not common for your body. So, you may need help and medical help. We should always consider it. When I was in ha long bay I had such a problem. The city is awesome and I don’t know what I would do without my friend.

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