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5 Answers

  1. Grade 11 marks don’t matter. A 91% in MHF is a very good mark. You need to concentrate to make sure all your other grade 12 marks are equally good and you will be fine.

    BTW I would get over thinking things like “This is because my teacher decided that it would be a great idea to give us a hard exam so we would all do poorly”. Teachers are not out to get you. If you think the exam was hard and that’s why you did poorly guess what, exams in university are going to be even harder. You will need to work harder.

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  2. Which Health Sciences program are you most interested in? Grade 11 marks won’t matter much, especially an average that you have. I’ve had students get admitted into McMaster Health Sciences with a low 90s and a strong Supplementary Essay. I wouldn’t advise this, but it’s possible.


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