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I want to be a lawyer, and I plan on going to law school. I wanted to go into business but I’m doing horribly in math right now (and this is GRADE 11). I really want to get into the University of Ottawa’s Public Administration and Political Science program, or their political science + communications program. They don’t say I need math, but would I be a fool for shutting myself off from more programs? I could always take Data Management as my grade 12 math credit, but it won’t be as valuable as advanced functions. What would you do?  

4 Answers

  1. Well, if you’re doing poorly in grade 11 math, obviously grade 12 won’t be any easier. I wouldn’t go into business if you’re mathematically challenged, you’d just be asking for a deathwish. Poli sci is unemployable, but it’s not like you’d have an easier time getting a high GPA for law school in business, either. Most reputable biz programs won’t accept data as a grade 12 math credit anyway, so you’d have to take adv. func. for the top tier programs.

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  2. If you’re sure that whatever programs you’re going to apply to won’t have AF as a prerequisite then by all means don’t take it. You should be advised however that many social science programs will require you to take at least one statistics course so you should double check to see what kind of prerequisites they require. You may find that while you don’t need AF to be admitted if you don’t have it you’ll have to take the equivalent university course (which of course means you’ll be paying tuition to take it rather than taking it for free in high school). One option if you do want to take AF but are worried about it affecting your top 6 would be to take 7 subjects and that way if your mark is low it won’t be included in your top 6. If you go this route be sure to get a tutor (in fact you should get a tutor now for grade 11 math). If you really don’t need it then Data would be a good choice.

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  3. Don’t bother taking it if you don’t think you can do well in it. However, also be aware that an arts degree is useless without further schooling and you will likely not get into law school.

    Aim for Carleton’s PAPM co-op program. They have a lot of government placements and it is the best public policy school in Canada.

    Source: I am a lawyer.

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