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Should I take grade 12 advanced functions and data management if I’m going the Psychology (BA)?

Hi, so I’m looking into psych programs and although many of them don’t require math, I’m wondering how beneficial it would be for me to take it anyways. I don’t want to struggle when I get to university. So should I take advanced functions and data? or would that be a waste of time and energy? Right now I’m looking into Guelph, McMaster and Ryerson as my top choices so if any answers could specifically talk about the programs at these universities, it would be great! But any information regarding my question would be very useful, so thank you!!

3 Answers

  1. Psychology programs may not have math as a prerequisite for admission but they are going to require you to take statistics as part of your program. You should take some sort of math in grade 12 whether it be AF or Stats is up to you. Also, not sure what you plan on doing with your psychology degree, but if you want to pursue it beyond undergrad you might be better off looking at B.Sc. programs rather than B.A.’s.

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  2. Most social sci majors have to take stats as part of their program so data would be beneficial, but since it’s not a prereq, it may or may not drag down your average.

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