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Should I take biology 12 or English 12 online??

PLS HELP!!! Because of the current COVID-19 situation, summer school is cancelled and I have to choose between taking english 12 or biology 12 online… with these points in mind:
  • I am most likely going into health science/science related field in university, so biology may be more relevant, however it requires more studying
  • English is something im not as strong as compared to sciences, but its the only grade 12 course required to graduate highschool so i think Its a pretty important course
  My schedule for next year is packed, im taking quite a few APs and if i end up taking bio 12 in school semester, i would have all science courses other than band, im not sure how stressful bio tests and labs would be on top of that…   Do universities look at the courses online any differently? I think online courses would be easier to get a higher grade, idk though.   Do you guys have any experiences with either of these courses online? Any recommendation about which course I should take online? Anything would be helpful. Thanks so much !!

2 Answers

  1. Do English, dude. Don’t take science courses online. It’ll be a nightmare because you can’t replicate a lab online.

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  2. I’ve had way too many bad experiences with online courses (coming from someone who has done 6 courses online). Expect a heavy drop for your science course if you choose to do it online (3-5% easy). Also, not sure if this is relevant, but when I did English 10 online, my teacher was very unfair in marking, refused to give A’s in assignments since “there’s always room for improvement”. I ended with a mark 8% lower than any other English course on my record.

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