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Should I take a spare or fitness (grade 12)?

I am in grade 11 and  I have to choose my grade 12 courses now. This is what I have so far:
english 4u
biology 4u
chemistry 4u
physics 4u
french 4u
advanced functions
calc and vectors 

I want to apply to health sci at mac, laurier or a smaller university because I want to pursue medicine later, so should I take fitness (which is apparently a mark booster) or should I just take a spare. Thanks in advance!

7 Answers

  1. My personal opinion, take a spare ONLY if you are a person who is independent, self motivated, and not a hardcore procrastinator. It's pointless to take a spare if you will use it to watch netflix.The only con to this is that you can only afford one bad class. However, if you work hard I know you can pull it off, good luck.

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  2. I would say take it as you can always drop it next year and you might regret not taking if one of your grades goes south.

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  3. Hello guys! I completely agree with you. Time is a really important thing that’s why choosing the right course is crucial. So, our training should bring more use for a short period of time. I have heard that Gold Standard Optimum Nutrition whey protein is able to make your training more effective. Is that true?

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