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Should I stay in Data Management?

I just started grade 12 a few days ago and I’m struggling to decide whether I should stay in Data or drop it for a spare. I’m going to be applying to the arts either social science or humanities and although I don’t need data to get into the program, If I end up choosing a social science I’ll have to take a stats class later on. I have Ap English first semester as well and I feel like It might be a better use of time to get a spare so I have more time to work on a subject that universities are actually going to look at on applications. Thoughts?

5 Answers

  1. If it's not too time consuming and you think you could get a high grade in it, then just keep it. Having a background in data is going to be useful for taking intro stats if you do a social science program, but you could just do humanities and never have to look at it again, so weigh the pros and cons.

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  2. It's a personal decision. I went into Arts and took data and found it somewhat helpful for university statistics. You will have to take stats in a lot of social science programs, but you can also avoid it for many others. It is a useful tool to have. I recommend switching data to the second semester and focusing on AP English in your first term. That would be the best thing to do. You probably have all bird courses anyways besides English.

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  3. Depending on what social science you end up in, it could be extremely useful. Something like Political Science has no math requirements, whereas statistics is an integral part of Psychology. If it’s not a struggle for you I would continue in the course.

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