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Should I retake one of my Grade 12 courses?

Hello, I am entering my Grade 12 year. I completed Bio 30 last year, with a final grade of 81%. I am planning on retaking it, but am curious to hear other opinions. I had a discussion with one of the counselors at my school, and they said I should reconsider upgrading. However, I want to upgrade for many reasons, not just because of the grade. TIA.

3 Answers

  1. It’s an A-. Why on Earth would you waste your time re-taking a course where you finished with an A-? I would invest my time and effort into other things.

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  2. I do it all very hard and it’s really not easy for me to do all this, it’s just not my thing and there’s nothing to do. I always make a decent effort when I understand that I will have to write a particular text.

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