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Should I retake English at a Private School?

Im currently in grade 12, and tryna get into a good program fro uni, and I took english already in summer last year but I ended up not getting a high enough grade (81). So far I think my other grades are fine (like in the low 90s). I just don’t know if retaking english and getting a 90 would be worse than not doing anything at all. So far I have already done calc (which I wanna retake so I can bring my average up), adv. functions, chem (which I’m retaking), and im currently doing bio. I wanna go to like mac, uft, waterloo, for engineering.

5 Answers

  1. Have you researched each program’s policy on repeat courses? Waterloo Engineering’s in particular is very well known.

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  2. No, that’s a waste of time. What’s wrong with getting an A- in English, that’s bad? Sure, that’ll drag your average down a bit if your other grades are considerably higher but is it really worth doing another 5 months of work for what, 5-10% more at best?

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  3. I think this is stupid, I somehow spent money on courses I picked up my English and retook it a grade higher. But was it useful to me? I think there are more practical things that will give you more

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  4. An 81 in English will drop your average quite a bit if you want U of T, Mac, or Waterloo engineering. Despite how some of these schools may look at repeats, I would just take it in private school and get a higher grade. English is not as important for engineering and your current mark likely will prevent you from getting admitted into some of these program.

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    • I just saw your other post where you are retaking chemistry too. You will likely not get into U of T and Waterloo engineering. Even if you did, how sure are you that you will even make it past the first year? Dropout rates are high in engineering programs and even students who consistency got mid-high 90s in high school struggle in these programs. I would be very self aware of your own capabilities as you can’t buy grades and do repeats without consequences in university. Whatever path you choose, you want to be able to succeed in it, not simply be a mediocre or below average student.

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