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Hi guys! Bare with me, I have a lot to say. I’m doing poorly in grade 11 math right now. It’s much more difficult than I expected. I have come to realization and accepted the fact that I am not an analytical person when it comes to math. I plan to get through grade 11 the best I can and fast track grade 12 math in the summer (I’m a SHSM business student so i have to take math in grade 12). I’m thinking of taking the writer’s craft in grade 12 to replace day school math. If you have taken the writer’s craft, how was it? What types of assignments should I expect? I enjoy reading, and I have no issues with writing long essays. I consider English to be one of my stronger subjects. I want to attend university in Ottawa. Either uO, or Carelton for their Public Administration and Political Science courses, or the Public Affairs and Policy Management (only in Carelton). I aspire to become a lawyer and I hope to get into a good law school in the US. I know I’ve rambled quite a bit but I say all this to ask: Would you recommend the writer’s craft for someone who is skilled at English and essay writing? Let me know! Thanks. 🙂

2 Answers

  1. Writer’s craft is basically like English except the focus is less on analyzing literature and more on developing your writing style in various genres. If you’re going the liberal arts route, it would be a good course that complements your interests.

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