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Should I drop grade 11 physics?

I’m taking grade 11 physics online right now (dumb idea, I know, but it’s a long story) and I’m really struggling. Even with my dad who majored in physics helping me I still feel totally lost. I guess I just learn better in the classroom. If I drop there might be a chance for me to take it in the school year where I know I could pull a much better grade, but there’s no guarantee that I will be able to get the credit. I’m wondering if I should just drop it. I don’t mind the content of the course, although I prefer biology and chemistry. I am considering going in to a life science program, but recently I’ve been thinking about doing something a bit different (health information technology) which does not require physics. I’m still really confused about my career path so I could easily change my mind again. What should I do?

3 Answers

  1. I would drop it if I were you. If you can barely pass a high school physics course then you really don’t have any business enrolling in a university science program. It only gets more difficult the further you progress.

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  2. If it won’t show on your HS transcript, drop it now. As hzll0 says, if you’re dreading it now at HS, you’ll hate your life doing it at uni. Look into these programs you’re interested in. Why health information technology? Let’s figure out a better direction for you.

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  3. I did grade 11 physics in the grade 11 school year and usually students who struggle the first two weeks, struggle for the entire course and get a poor mark. This is subjective to what I’ve experienced, but this trend can be explained. Since physics is calculation based, people who are not good with math will struggle. The course is also theory based, so students who are not good with understanding concepts in various ways and methods of learning (i.e textbooks, lectures, diagrams), don’t do well. So if you find yourself struggling now, chances are physics ( which is theory + math) isn’t your type of course. As you have said, you are more bio-chem centered, so i would drop the course and focus on that path, no stress needed.

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