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Should I call on behalf of my friend?

So basically I got into all the top business schools in Canada, but one of my really good friends got rejected to a lot of them including  her  top choice (Schulich). I am going to be declining that offer and while I know it will go directly to the next person on the waiting list , would there be any repercussion if I messaged the admission recruiter or Associate dean (who I talked to a lot during Schulich’s Dean reception and who remembers me) and told them to reconsider my friend?  

My friend  told me she would appreciate it and I want to help out but is it worth it? Or would I get in trouble in some way? 

8 Answers

  1. I thought this was a troll post but maybe not. This is like saying that you were given a job offer or admission into medical school, but since you are rejecting your offer it should go to your friend based on your recommendation. What about all the other qualified applicants waiting in line for an offer? There are thousands of students applying to these programs for a few hundred seats. There are students applying from both within Canada and outside. The only reason your recommendation may unofficially be considered is if you are somehow related to a prominent recruiter/the Dean or are bestowing a large endowment upon the school. 
    Your friend needs to realize what the real world is like. Don't waste your time and look like a douche emailing the recruiters. Some of them may not forget if you are ever to interact with them in the future (recruiting events, if you ever apply to their graduate programs, etc.). 
    There is no reconsideration. Other qualified students are waiting in line for a spot and ready to blow tens of thousands of dollars to attend their school. They will laugh at your email behind the scene and give you a polite, but curt denial. Don't do it. 
    I'll give you a personal anecdote. I'm in graduate school. I work in the admissions department. We receive appeals every so often from someone who feels entitled to a spot when our program receives thousands of applications for around 200 seats. These appeals are thrown out at a glance. It leaves a very poor impression of the person making these claims as there is no basis to it. If you made a case for your friend with strong grounds of administrative or procedural error then there may be cause for reconsideration.

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  2. I think it would be a really nice gesture, and you can if you really want to. However, I don't think it will actually do anything for her in terms of admission. If you want to make her smile then you definitely can. If you want to beg them to allow her in their program I think they will graciously tell you no. They have already made a conscious decision to decline her. And no, I doubt there will be any 'repercussions'.

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  3. Schools have a waitlist system. People who are low waitlist (e.g. 1,2,3) will have first priority before high waitlist (100,101,102). 
    That being said, your friend can try to appeal the decision for whatever reason. However unlikely, is worth a try. That, or try again next year. 

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  4. That's so sweet of you 🙂
    Unfortunately, you probably won't be making much of a difference. You can definitely try, a quick call won't her u 

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  5. I don’t think so. What is the reason your friend doesn’t want to call her himself? If he is older than 18, he can no longer behave like mama’s boy. I mean it.

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  6. Just another thought was that maybe he has not so much experience of talking to girls and is shy to ask them out because he is afraid of being rejected? Don’t worry, this shall pass, too. Just send your friend here and let him start dating girls who already declared their availability for relationships.

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