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The title explains it. Comment anything you have in mind, burning questions, application struggles or anything really! I just wanted to start a thread for 2020.

78 Answers

  1. Honestly, i just sent in my application and i’m not sure it was the strongest :'(((( SO worried i’m gonna get rejected or put on the waitlist

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  2. Hey, I applied a few days ago and I was wondering what my chances of getting in are, because waiting until February is gonna kill me.
    I only have a 90% average (I used my overall from last year, not a smart choice but I wasn’t sure if they’d accept one from an unfinished term). I’m not really on any sports teams, although I do taekwondo, running, and am in training to become a lifeguard. I play trumpet through my school’s band program and I taught myself guitar. I volunteer A LOT with Girl Guides of Canada (as a junior leader), as well as my local library and online with “Zooniverse”. My school doesn’t offer much in the way of STEM clubs/activities, although on my own I participated in a community robotics club from grades 6-9, did the Telus Spark design challenge twice, raised my pet frogs from eggs, and taught myself 2 coding languages.
    I also asked for financial assistance because my family is in no way shape or form prepared to pay $5200 for summer camp. Do I have any chance of getting in? I do think that my essays were pretty solid.

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  3. Hi, I applied this year (as a grade 10 student).

    My friend told me I had to get a transcript for all of my grades, so I scanned that and submitted it. My average was 90 on the dot. I don’t think it’s good or bad.

    I came from a French Immersion, so my English was rather weak. I’m not too worried about admittance, mostly because I didn’t expect to get in this year anyways.

    However, I sort of messed up big time on my application.

    You know how they told us to pick 7 “A” choices, 6 “B” choices, and 6 “C” choices?

    Well, I miscounted and only picked 6 “A” choices. I’m okay with being rejected, I just don’t want to be rejected just because I didn’t read instructions properly.

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  4. I’m so scared! I have a feeling I might be rejected this year even though I spent so much time on my essays. I have lots of extracurriculars but everyone seems so talented. Does anyone know what other summer programs I can apply for beside McGill Summer Academy and UBC Future Global Leaders?

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  5. A bit late, but I couldn’t get this application out of my head. You ever feel like it wasn’t enough? Like everyone sounds so talented and well-rounded and then there’s my application, I think I’m probably going to get rejected or waitlisted.
    Anyways, the website said you could check your application progress, but I can’t check mine. Is anyone able to check their application progress? Hope you’re not stressing about this as well.

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  6. Did anybody else receive an invitation to complete a Plum survey yesterday? I wonder if they sent it to everyone who applied

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  7. So Shad announced that they will email out all offers by FEB 10, I haven’t got mine but did anyone get theirs yet?

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  8. Yah has anyone received their acceptance? Also, can yall talk about your applications a little bit. (if you guys don’t mind)

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  9. How many do you think applied this year? do you think the number is close to 3000?

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  10. Sorry guy for the spam I just got an account lol, but do you guys think that they’ll dock points off or look at it as a bad thing if my twin brother and I wrote about the same topic for one of the sections? It was for the overcoming failure one.

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  11. What did everyone put as their “A” choice?
    I did Mcmaster, Mcgill, Waterloo, Western, U of PEI, and UNB

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  12. Four more days I’m so scared! Did you guys know of anyone who received an email yet?

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  13. SHAD 2020 Acceptances are out!
    Check your portals 🙂

    Yes, I made this account to let you all know. I know you are all anxious 🙂

    Congratulations to all who were accepted!

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  14. I just got my letter that said I got waitlisted ;( Does anyone know what chance I have of getting in now and how many people they generally waitlist?

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  15. Why do I have a feeling they wait list everyone rather than rejecting?
    Also yeh does anyone know how many people get waitlisted and accepted?

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  16. i got in!!!! i’m so excited:)) did anyone put laurentian as their A choice? i did because i speak french but i’m worried now that since it’s a new program that it won’t be as good 🙁 maybe it’s just the nerves getting to me hehe

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  17. Ok update I got waitlisted but I’m not super disappointed. I’m using this as a learning experience since I’m only in grade 10 in which I can use to apply for gr 11. I’m pinpointing the parts of my application which can be improved and I feel that it’s going to help me learn to get better 🙂 anyways congrats to everyone who got in!

    Also someone I know got rejected, it’s not just acceptances and waitlist offers.

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  18. Hey everyone! Ima Shad fellow from last year! To everyone who got waitlisted, y’all still have a really high chance of getting in. Very few actually get waitlisted, I was actually one of those few. Many people who are accepted can’t go, and if you were waitlisted it just means that you were equally as worthy. Feel free to dm me on Instagram with any questions! My profile is Hafeez.h_08

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  19. Also, you have to wait a couple months before you get your campus assignments

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  20. Oh and one last thing, skylar._ji Sorry for not replying again on ur previous thread I haven’t been on here for a while lol

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  21. Heyo I’m back on again! Ya you can email Cheryl to ask about how many people are on the waitlist, but they won’t tell you where you stand. Last year there were approx 600 of us on the waitlist

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  22. I
    got in and I really want to find out my assigned campus. Why is March so far away ;(

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