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Schulich BBA Acceptance

What are my chances of getting accepted into the Schulich BBA program? I currently have a 95.5 average in my four grade tweleve courses and am taking English 12 and Calc right now. My video interview wasn’t the best but it wasn’t horrible either. My EC’s are pretty decent. I know people who have lower averages than me and similar EC’s and interviews getting in right now. Ngl, kinda stressed.

5 Answers

  1. Once you pass the cut-off, it really comes down to how they perceive your supplementary…nothing you can really do now but play the waiting game.

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  2. Don’t be concerned that you didn’t get an offer, it’s just 1 round. I’ve never heard of someone with a 95.5 average get rejected by Schulich EVER. Highest I’ve seen is 91-92s getting rejected from previous years. I think you’re safe.

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  3. If you really have a 95 average you can do much better than Schulich. Have you applied to Ivey, Queen’s commerce, McGill Desautels, and Laurier/Waterloo double degree programs?

    I know many alumni from Schulich and many recent graduates from there struggling to find jobs. I wouldn’t go to any Toronto school for undergraduate business. The best ones are outside the city.

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  4. u really shouldnt go to schulich if u hav other viable options, with that average id assume u would

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