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Scheduling Help

Hello everyone, This is my second time asking a question today. This is regarding my schedule. As, you may have read, I am going into nursing. Now, this semester, I have Data Management, Spare (taking Health Sciences Online at the spare time), Chemistry, and Nutrition and Health. Suppose I’m doing bad in one of the subjects, what course can I take next semester, that can cover up the mark, as next semester I have English, Biology (planning to take this online as well, if I don’t get the good bio teacher at school), then Advanced Functions, and Spare. So what easy/bird course can I take to cover a bad mark? Please help me! Thanks in Advance, Kevin George

2 Answers

  1. Depends on what your needs are, like if you’re talking about any random elective or an easy prerequisite that you need for nursing. Also, every school offers different courses and instructors play a role in the grade distribution so there’s no clear cut answer.

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