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Ryerson Vs. UofT

Hello, I’m a Grade 11 going into Grade 12 this September which means that I’ll have to do university applications. I’m very sure of pursuing nursing as a career and I’ve already been looking at programs. My top 2 choices for nursing programs are at Ryerson and University of Toronto. I was wondering which I should go for as they are both respected schools and programs. Any pros, cons, experiences, opinions, etc. would very helpful and well appreciated!

3 Answers

  1. hello i’m also a grade 11 student going into grade 12. i don’t know much about nursing programs but i personally think Ryerson is better than UofT.
    it is way harder to get a good GPA from UofT because of the competitive environment (from what i’ve heard). the grading system at UofT is pretty harsh compared to Ryerson, so if you were to go to Ryerson you’d have a better shot at getting into a good nursing school as opposed to UofT.

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Hey,
    I had to make a similar decision earlier this year in regards to which University to go to. I just graduated from High School and was trying to decide between UofT and Ryerson. However, I am going into Engineering not Nursing.

    Although both schools are more than adequate, I made the decision to accept the offer from UofT based upon their superior global ranking. They are top 30 for Engineering, while Ryerson is top 400.

    I just did a search for their Nursing program and some accounts put UofT well within Top 10 in the world for Nursing!
    Yes, UofT will likely be more difficult than Ryerson, but with that difficulty comes it reputation.

    Furthermore, if you decide that UofT isn’t for you, it will be much easier to transfer from UofT to Ryerson than from Ryerson to UofT.

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  3. Hey! I’m currently a 4th year at UofT and have many friends in both the UofT and Ryerson nursing program. Both are quite respected and even being the average student in both can lead to a great career in nursing. That being said – I would advise you to go to UofT nursing if you get in. It was ranked as the #2 nursing program in the ENTIRE WORLD last year (QS University Ranking – one of the most reputable rankings worldwide) and you simply can’t oversee that detail. It will open a lot more doors both domestically and internationally and also lead to a lot better potential for further academic studies if you choose to go down that path. Ryerson is a great program no doubt and I have many friends who have completed it and are happily working as registered nurses, but the international recognition alongside the potential for research at UofT can’t be overvalued. The general rule is when it comes to anything in the medical field (think MD, pharmacy, nursing, research), UofT is king in Canada. It is, however, harder to do well in as well – be prepared to pull all-nighters and study study study!

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