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Ryerson “RAMSS” Please Reply!

Hello guys, Just want to know from people who have already applied to Ryerson. When y’all go to the Choose>Ryerson page, there’s a link at the bottom saying, “My Communications. You have unread communications”. When, I click on that, it takes me to page, where a pop up opens, for me to look at the communications I’ve got from Ryerson. However, when the pop up opens, I don’t see anything, as it says I’m not allowed to look at “My Communications” yet. I’ve even got an email from Ryerson today (in my personal Gmail), to check the unread communications I’ve got, but still the pop up isn’t allowing me to show. I have allowed pop-ups from my.ryerson website page, btw. Is it happening to y’all as well. If no, I’ll email them soon.

Here is the link that shows that I have unread communications.

See, its not allowing me to check, the messages I’ve got from Ryerson.

Please reply. Thanks & Take Care, Kevin

5 Answers

  1. Um, maybe because your browser is blocking the pop-up by default because it’s flagging the pop-up as spam? There should be an icon on the far right of the URL that you can click on to bypass this setting.

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  2. You got accepted into the program. Congrats! I got the same thing, it is basically a glitch in Ryerson’s Website. For some reason, you are unable to look at your admission letter at certain hours.

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