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ryerson nursing 2020

Hey everyone! I applied to the Ryerson nursing collab sites and I’m starting to get really nervous that I won’t get in. I only applied to Ryerson because I have to stay at home for university for personal reasons so Ryerson was really the only option. I am at a private school which means that I am taking all my courses throughout the year and not some each semester. My mid-term marks are… bio – 80 chem – 84 english – 84 kin – 97 writers craft – 97 and I already finished advanced functions over the summer with an 85. My average that I just sent to OUAC is an 88%. What do you think my chances are for getting in at the george brown or centennial site. Thank you!  

5 Answers

  1. You have an 88 average applying to nursing at a below mediocre school and you’re sweating?

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  2. You could have still stayed at home and went to Ontario Tech or York. You really gambled by applying to this one program. Ryerson Nursing is highly competitive and many applicants have 90+ averages. You have a chance but are not guaranteed an acceptance. May have to do a victory lap if you do not get in this cycle.

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  3. the lady at the university fair said the cut off for nursing at the george brown site was 90%. good luck!!

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