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Ryerson Nursing 2019

Hi all, I have applied to all three Ryerson Nursing programs (4yrs-RU, RU/GB, RU/Centennial). The main site asks for an 89-93+ average while the collab sites ask for an 84-89 average. My top 6 marks are as follows: ENG4U — 88 SBI4U — 87 MDM4U — 97 PSK4U — 93 AMK4M — 95 SNC4M — 95 My average is 92.5. I am taking SCH4U in 2nd semester night school. My average exceeds what the collab sites ask for, and are on the lower end for the main site, but I have not heard back from any of them. Do nursing acceptances usually go out later? Will they wait for my chemistry mark before deciding? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

1 Answer

  1. Hey dude,

    most cases they would give you a conditional offer. so like if you maintain ur average of at least 80% in your top 6 with chem included, you should be good. Another thing, an alumni from my high school came by and told me the cutoff last year for nursing 22′ was a 92% so keep up that high mark. my top 6 is an 89% so far so im going for GB-ryerson. The curriculum is exactly the same anyways, but mainsite would be nice for convenience sake since its closer to my home. I already got a conditional offer for centennial ryerson (i think its becuz of my 80% average in grade 11 that it makes me look inconsistent) but it basically said dont drop to an average of 80% overall. I mean it takes some talent to drop from an 89% to an 80% top 6 (u would have to drop 9 percent in in each courses)

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