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Ryerson BTM or Laurier Computer Science?

Hi Everyone, My brother recently got into Ryerson BTM and Laurier’s Computer Science program and is debating which program to choose. Would love to get some advice about the programs and what job prospects look like after graduation. He is leaning towards Laurier’s computer science but he likes that Ryerson’s BTM will give him a chance to explore business management options too. Thank you for in advance for any advice

4 Answers

  1. LOL. Those two programs aren’t even comparable. BTM is just a generic business program for journeymen high schoolers. Comp sci is a rigorous discipline known for its high churn rate. The types of jobs that you can get are wildly different.

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  2. BTM is NOT a comp sci degree. It is a good program and most students land jobs in business analytics and IT-related fields but it is not a comp sci degree. If your brother wants to be an engineer/developer, they need to do an actual comp sci degree. IT and computer science are two different fields. Your brother should go into whichever field he wants to actually work in. I recommend comp sci if he can handle it (as it is the much harder degree).

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