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Ryerson Architecture Prospects

Hi all, I wanted to ask what my prospects are in being admitted to Ryerson Architecture. I’ma student from British Colombia and my top 6 courses have a GPA of 90%, I am taking Calc BC, Chem 12, Phys 12, Law 12, English 12, and Econ12. I haven’t taken any studio art/design programs as my course selection is based primarily around STEM. Do you believe that these courses and grade averages are sufficient? And also, are these grades weighed more than the portfolio and admissions exercise? (Also I’m a long distance app so I didn’t attend the evaluation session) IM SCARED!

1 Answer

  1. Your average is great! They do put a lot of emphasis on the portfolio too though. The portfolio is probably just as important as your average as they are looking for artistic skills and capabilities too.

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