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Ryerson Architecture Admission grade 11 marks

Hi I’m grade 12 know (but because I’m taking an extra year just think I’m a grade 11..). I just want to know how they see my marks so before I apply if I have some gr12 courses done do they look at that and then look at the gr11 marks for the rest of the 6 U or M courses??? And also do they just look at random grade 11 course marks or do they have a course they prefer?? My other marks are at least over 80 but.. gr11 function is 70.. so ahaha Last question!! as I know we have to get over 80% to get in Ryerson architecture is it right?!?! Can I cover my gr 11 function by other courses!??!?!? I am so confused now.. every answers are different HEEELLPP@-@  

4 Answers

  1. Grade 11 marks are not considered whatsoever in their acceptance process.

    Focus towards improving your portfolio. There is a common stereotype that in order to get into Ryerson Architecture you need to have exceptional marks, which may be helpful but is very untrue. Have an impressive portfolio and decent marks and they will favor you. Also, be prepared for an in-person sketching exercise at the department (might be different due to COVID).

    Best of luck, don’t stress over it too much.

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