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Rotman VS Sauder BCom

Hi I just heard back from Rotman and Sauder for the BCom program. I am an international student and am looking to go into consulting. I was wondering which school would be better in terms of employment opportunities after graduation. Also, is it worth going to Toronto if I got a 10,000 CAD scholarship from UBC and it is generally cheaper?

3 Answers


    Compare the employment reports here. Both Sauder and Rotman have very low consulting placements. This decision ultimately comes down to where you want to live and work. Search it on the map, but Toronto and Vancouver are in totally different provinces.

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  2. Sauder is a better biz school than Rotman and if you get a 10k scholarship from them, then it makes more sense to go there. Although Vancouver’s cost of living is pretty high, so is Toronto’s, but Vancouver is generally the priciest city to live in, so keep that in mind.

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  3. go to sauder and take advantage of the scholarship but make sure you’re constantly reaching out and networking to score goo internships. neither school will giv you what ivey/qcomm can provide but the 10k scholarship is def worth it if you manage to make most out of these next 4 years to get your foot into the industry

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