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retaking advanced functions

hi, i just finished advanced functions in day school and ended with a 70 which is just meeting the minimum. I wanted to upgrade my mark possibly in online school for semester 2, but i am also private schooling calc and vectors semester 2. Would having these 2 courses together be a struggle? As well, I also have 3 day school courses (international business, accounting) – however i usually do well in these 90%+. For uni, i am trying to go into business (i applied to laurier, waterloo afm, ryerson, uot, carlelton etc) – i want to go to waterloo or laurier, but would me repeating these courses be looked down upon anyways? And would having all these courses in the same semester just increase the struggle of me getting a good mark. so should i just focus on getting 90%+ on all my courses next sem for an 89-90 average. Thanks

4 Answers

  1. Hey! You may want to contact your guidance counselor and U Waterloo to ask about how they treat online courses. Most schools don’t seem to care; however, my guidance counselor and tutor said that Waterloo has been very upfront with the fact that they do not like online courses and they might take that into consideration. As for repeated courses, most schools take the highest mark, but there are a few that use both and weigh them differently…. meaning the first/lower mark could be worth %60 of the grade and the repeated mark could be worth %40.
    Good luck!

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