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Retake some Grade 11 Courses / Just prep for Grade 12

Hello guys! So basically I know that Universities would care much more for Grade 12 marks than Grade 11 marks, but I’ve heard that for the most competitive schools, Grade 11 marks also play a bit of a role in the admission process. I want to get into Computer Science, either in University of Waterloo, U of T, or UBC. I know uWaterloo doesn’t look at Grade 11 marks, but I wasn’t sure about the other two.   Right now my Grade 11 marks are: 89 English 90 Biology 90 Intro to Soc., Arch., Psy. 94 Chemistry 95 Physics 96 Functions 99 Intro. to Computer Science   In this case, would you guys retake English or Bio and upgrade marks, or would you just prepare for Grade 12 (Chem, Math, etc.) and just go all-in for Grade 12? I think if I study Physics, Chemistry, and Math, I have a good chance on getting 97 + on those for Grade 12, but I’m not 100% sure if I should go for that or upgrade my Grade 11 marks via online school. Have a great day guys!! 🙂

3 Answers

  1. Of the schools you have listed only UBC looks at grade 11 marks. Universities in Ontario only potentially use grade 11 marks for early admissions decisions, but grade 11 marks can not be used to deny admission in the final round. There would be absolutely no point in repeating any of your grade 11 courses, and repeat courses may be held against you.

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  2. No one re-takes gr. 11 courses unless they failed and need the credit. Those grades don’t matter. Just focus on gr. 12 as those marks are what determine what schools/programs you get into.

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  3. You can literally google university admissions requirements and read up on their process. It is very transparent and laid out on their websites. Ask this question on the reddit subs for these schools if you want opinions from actual comp sci students from these schools –

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