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repeating precalculus12 3 times??

Hey all,
I will be attending grade 12 in September and I have taken pre calc 12 twice already. My first attempt I got an 86 and I retook it again during the summer and got an 87… I lost motivation and I also had another course in the morning with a heavy courseload. I know excuses won’t change anything so I was wondering if my chances to get into universities would be lower. I just want at least a 92+ for math

my avgs so far are:…
Eng12 – 86 (w/p provincial mark)
Chem 12 -84
Math 12- 86/87
Physics 12, biology 12, french 12 and AP Calc will be in grade 12 year

Eng 11- 84
Chem 11- 89
Phys 11- 84
Pre calc 11- 83
french 11- 81
The programs/ universities i plan to apply to are (still thinking):
U of Guelph- Computer Science
UBC- Sciences/Engineering/kin?
SFU- kin/engineering/comp sci
Mcmaster- Health sci/life sci/ engineering

12 Answers

  1. LOL. What's the point of repeating an entire course for a 1% increase? Really? Are you gonna try to do the same in university when the prof gives you a nice B-?

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  2. Honestly, as long as you look at the minimum average required to apply to those programs, you're fine with keeping those marks. Btw, an 86/87% is great in pre calc! Since your overall average seems to remain in the 80% range you should have no problem getting into most of those programs,( but Mac Health Sci requires 90s). And I don't think you need to retake that course a third time, however, you may get a higher mark because you already know so much of it. Good luck!

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  3. It depends what you university you want the most, if you prefer UofT then I suggest you dont repeat anymore, or if you prefer mac you can repeat.

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  4. All the programs you listed for Mac are essentially 90+ now. You need to crack a min 90 to go there. UBC too. Put in the work and you'll be fine. Its not that your marks are bad, its that mid 80's dont cut it anymore. Its essentially a min 90 to get into any good school. Good luck

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  5. It depends on the university and program you want to take. U of Waterloo, U of T and some others won’t accept any retakes of classes however others like york will. But huge mistake of slacking off in your class cause 3rd time seems like a waste.

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