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relationships in university

do you find your soul mate or is it just hookups?

8 Answers

  1. It can be both if you want. If you want hookups, you got them. If you wanna marry, you'll find someone.

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  2. Just by asking this question, you show your inexperience on this topic. Everyone is different, some people are about having fun while others want a more well-established relationship.

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  3. University is all about having casual sex. No one goes to university just so they can get into a committed relationship. You have the next 40 years to do that. In the mean time, dig in to the sea of poontang while you can.

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  4. Yeh, I found my soul mate at the university and we are still together. thanks for uni. I’ll always stay thankful

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  5. Hello! I found my soulmate here And therefore I advise this site to everyone. This site is much more real than Tinder, here are real profiles of people who really want to find their love or even cool contacts. Moreover, many students use such sites, otherwise it is very difficult to meet on campus.

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  6. I’ve never liked spending a lot of time alone and that’s why I often find new girls. Now it is especially easy to get acquainted on the Internet and I constantly do it on dating sites such as for example here There are a lot of cute and single girls here and it’s very cool. They are always slaves to socialize and flirt and that’s what I like.

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