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Relationship advice for university

i actually wanted to ask the guys. How do you think a healthy relationship should be with a girl 
thanks in advance

14 Answers

  1. chill but i frcking hate when that the only answer…..hookups are fine when both not committed just doing this in a relationship pisses me off..and have u been to catholic schools????….hookups everyday

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  2. Is every guy like this or are you purposely trying to just answer it honestly

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  3. Honestly, most guys today are dirt bags who don't know how to treat a women right. They can't even treat their mothers, sisters, and female friends right, so how would they know how to treat a women in a relationship?
    P.S. I'm a guy. Ignore the troll comments above as they likely come from nerds and geeks who probably don't even talk to girls in real life. No class even in their troll comments. No wonder they don't get girls. 

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    • Lol, if that were the case why would any of them even bother to go out into the dating market and hook up with a guy if they can sit at home in front of their bathroom mirror and just rub their clit all night? Why don't men do the same thing or just buy a Fleshlight and make themselves cum? If you really think most women would rather stick their fingers inside themselves than get brutally pounded by a throbbing cock then you obviously haven't seen the thots on college campuses these days. There are women that would literally sell their bodies for a chocolate cupcake and pumpkin spiced latte. And I was obviously using those two examples as sarcasm. If you can't even pick up on humour, then you shouldn't be questioning anyone's intelligence but your own.

      I don't know about you, but most guys will just go in and out without any of the emotions BS. Guys hate the baggage that a woman brings into the relationship which is why most don't become emotionally invested and just go around sticking their wieners into as many beavers as they can get into. It's basic evolutionary psychology for a man to seek as many female partners as possible since the cost of shooting their jizz is very inexpensive compared to a woman's responsibility for carrying a child for nine months. And you're wrong about women seeking men because they actually like him. It's about money, plain and simple. Women are cognitively programmed to seek status so that the guy can provide for future offspring. They can be treated like sluts by the guy but she will still stay for the paycheque.

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      No offence kid but if you think you have to be a pretend male feminist to respect a human being, including your mom, sister, and female friends, then I don't know how far you're going to get in life. Statistics show that women are now dominating men in almost all professional fields. There are more women graduating from universities than men. There are more women entering professional school programs than men. Open your eyes. 

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    • Let me guess, you're one of those male feminists that pretend to fight against the "patriarchy?" You are the physical manifestation of Gad Saad's "sneaky f*cker theory."

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    • Lol, what does revealing a woman's primal desires in the bedroom have to do with respect? OP is talking about initiating intimate relationships and what men and women are thinking when it comes to copulation. If you really think women are asking to be respected when you're going down on them while they're handcuffed to the bedpost, then you obviously haven't seen Fifty Shades of Grey or BDSM porn. What do those stats have to do with this discussion? I am not against women succeeding in academia or the corporate world, if that's what you're trying to imply. My point is that men and women love to f*ck, vigorously. And if you haven't come to that realization yet, you need to open your eyes.

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      It's clear that you're a virgin who hasn't dated many women (if any at all). It has been proven that women experience more pleasure and orgasms from self masturbation than by having sex with a man. Sexual intercourse is usually a man's pleasure that women go along with in order to please their husbands, boyfriends, and partners. They rarely get orgasms from having sex. 
      That crapfest Fifty Shades of Grey is quoted as a source for your argument? You really are stupid, aren't you?
      P.S. Porn videos are FAKE (gasp!) and most porn actresses are exaggerating their expressions and acting in these videos (gasp!) You have just been enlightened little one. 
      Another P.S. You're not going to have good sexual intercourse and pleasure with a women that you treat poorly as a huge part of the pleasure process involves emotional intimacy. Otherwise it becomes mundane sexual acts that you can get even an animal to perform on you.  
      The mods will probably delete this comment of mine as they are children who probably consider this inappropriate for this forum. But, this is the truth. 
      Consider this for a second – If a woman can get more pleasure and an orgasm simply through self-served masturbation, why would they need to have sex with a man? It's because they actually want to and it can be a great sensation for the man especially if a woman is actually into him and really likes him. There are perks to treating women right. This is increased in the bedroom as well. 
      You can pick up the some of the hottest women simply by being a really nice, considerate, kind-hearted guy AFTER high school. The douches who treat women poorly lose out on a lot after high school and can't get girls (unless they become famous and rich of course). 

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  4. I suppose that you should love each other and this aspect is the most important of all the aspects, believe me. As for me, it is pretty hard to find a girlfriend, because I’m black. Yeah! I think that I will use some dating websites soon. My friend told me about but I didn’t try it yet.

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