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Rejected Harvard for Mac Health Sci but Health Sci rejected me…

IDK WHAT TO DO I REJECTED HARVARD FOR MAC HEALTH SCI BC I WANTED TO STAY IN CANADA AND I THOUGHT ID GET MAC FOR SURE IF I GOT HARVRD, BUT I DIDNT. im gonna end up at western med sci when i could’ve been at Harvard. Life is rough.

4 Answers

  1. it’s not the end of the world ok, calm down dude, everything will be alright, think about it positively, at least it is much easier to get a better GPA which is good for your med application (if u r planning on applying)

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  2. Can’t u jt write them an email saying that u mistakenly rejected Harvard n would really love to go there.

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  3. yeah I agree with the person above, just send an email, there’s a good chance they’ll just accept you at that point if the program hasn’t filled up

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  4. i’m curious.. why did you think you would get into mcmaster health sci for sure?

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