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Real advice from real students.

Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students.


Red Flag Deals is a Better Site

For all those looking for truthful and reputable answers from professionals in the field, head to for the best information on post-secondary institutions!


Red Flag Deals forums is a great site for getting information on the workforce and the realities of pursuing your desired dream occupation 

Yconic is a better site for finding some information and on the desired educational institution(S) you wish to attend. 

6 Answers

  1. I've been on redflagdeals for a number of years now. While the forum is mostly made up of adults and professionals, most of them are/were not high achievers in their schooldays. You will find little assistance there on university programs and post-secondary education. Most of the people who frequent the Students and Careers forums are average individuals, college students and graduates, and skilled trades graduates. To sum it up, they are primarily working individuals who spent few years in school and hit the job market right away. There are also a number of engineers there, so it is helpful for anyone considering engineering here to seek advice on redflagdeals.
    However, for anyone here considering professional school programs like law and medicine, arts programs, science programs, business programs, etc., then redflagdeals will offer very little assistance. You won't find Ivey and McGill Desautels students/graduates there, but rather more the Ryerson business and Guelph-Humber business kind. 
    For all its faults, yconic at least has high achieving students who can provide better advice on post-secondary programs than many adults and working professionals who were not high achievers back in their school days. 
    DavidWestern JD, Ivey HBA/BMSc

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