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Questions about grade 12 Biology

so i started doing grade 12 biology over the summer as practice and taking notes, came across the 20 amino acids in the first unit, wanted to know if i have to memorize all 20 amino acids, or do I just have to know that there are 20. Also are there any good sites which i can use to find practice unit test and etc, i tried looking but the practice test i find don’t have an answer sheet.

3 Answers

  1. It’s done online…why would you need to memorize anything? Even the tests aren’t proctored because of the current health crisis, so there’s obviously no need for it. Try this:

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  2. No.. you don’t need to memorize all 20 amino acids lol. I just took biology 12 and they give you a chart with all the names, you just need to match the codons.

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