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Questions about Applying to Nursing Programs??

I’m going to grade 12 and planning on applying to various nursing programs in Ontario. 1. I was wondering for some unis like Western or Queens: Western requires 3U math but if my 4U math mark is higher, will they count that instead? Same with Queens which requires 3U English. If my 4U English mark is higher, will they count that instead? 2. When applying to nursing programs, do they require interviews? If so which unis do interviews? or is it just based on marks and supp apps?

3 Answers

  1. 1. The 4U course will always take precedence. The 3U equivalent will only be used in place of the 4U course that you haven’t taken or received an interim grade for.
    2. If in-person or Skype interviews are required, it’ll say so on the admissions page. Most undergrad programs in Canada won’t require one.

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  2. If anyone else who has applied to nursing or is a nursing student could answer, I would greatly appreciate it!

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