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Question about Admission for Nursing (Plz help me)

Hello there, I am going into grade 12 this year. I am planning to apply for the 4 year collab Nursing program. When it comes to the admission requirements, I am a bit confused on what grades are taken into consideration. Is it the top 6 best grade 12 marks or is the marks of the prerequisite courses (English, Bio, Chem, Math and 2 electives, all Grade 12 university level), used for admission? Also, I am currently stressed out with one of my marks- My grade 11 mark for biology is pretty bad. I have biology 12, second semester, would my grade 11 mark of biology, be used in admissions? Wouldn’t it lower my overall average? I’m very stressed out. Please help me. Hoping to hear from you soon, Thanks & Regards, Kevin George

9 Answers

  1. Hi! So it’s going to take into account English, Bio, Chem and your math, and then your two best electives. For example, I took 7 classes in grade 12, so they took the marks from my 4 prereqs and then my two higher elective marks to go towards my average. Your grade 11 marks only matter for early admission. I was not happy with a majority of my grade 11 marks so my acceptances just didn’t start coming out until February after my first semester grade 12 marks came out. Don’t be stressed! Just work hard for grade 12 and it’ll all turn out well 🙂

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    • I get what you are saying. But, I have heard from some people, that some unis take only the best 6 marks, and they just want to make sure, that the prerequisites are above the minimum average- which means, if I do bad in Bio for example, they just wanna make sure I get above 70%,for instance.
      I like that type of admission scheme. I feel Ryerson does that.
      Also, may I know what uni did you go to.
      Honestly tho, I am worried about Bio and English, because that’s where I will mess up for sure. For Math, I have data management (im not that worried), then Chemistry (I’m slacking rn, but I can get it up), then I have Nutrition and Health (again slacking, but I can get it up), and lastly I finished Human Growth and Development course in Summer 2019 (got a 95).
      Can you also, tell me which unis did you apply to, for nursing, when u were in grade 12?
      Im planning to apply to Ryerson’s collab, York’s collab, Ontario Tech’s collab, Humber College (BSCN collab with UNB) and maybe a life sciences program at Uoft.

      Anyways thank you so much @erinritchie123 for taking your time to answer my question. Very much appreciated.


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      • I have never heard of a university in Ontario doing that for nursing, just the prerequisities and then whatever is left going towards the top 6. I go to McMaster and applied to every university in Ontario for nursing except Lakehead and Windsor 🙂

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        • Thanks for replying! I emailed Ryerson today, and they sent me this:

          Hi Kevin,

          Your overall average is calculated using your top six Grade 12 U/M courses, it does not have to include your prerequisite subjects. However, you must have the minimum grade required in prerequisites.

          Grade 11 final marks are not used in the calculation of the overall average.

          Thank you for contacting ServiceHub.


          ServiceHub Ambassador
          Office of the Registrar
          Ryerson University

          Is McMaster Nursing good? I heard a bit bad about the way the programs works there. Like, the profs don’t teach you anything, the load is all on the student. When you applied, what was ur average, and if you can answer this, which uni’s tried to accept you. Just McMaster or were there others that were considering you for Nursing?

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          • I absolutely love McMaster nursing. There is a good amount of independent work with readings prior to class and online modules but I feel as though that’s the case for most university programs at most schools. I wouldn’t consider Mac nursing “bad” since its only of the top schools in Canada for it lol. When I applied my average was 94 and I got accepted to McMaster, Western, Queens, UOIT, Trent, Ryerson, Ottawa, Brock, Nipissing and Laurentian. For the longest time I wanted to go to Ottawa or Queens but towards April I really started looking into Mac and fell in love with the school and the nursing program here.

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  2. Yes, it is top 6 including all prerequisites for the program. This can all be found on the university admissions pages, you can look these up on your own. If you’re struggling in high school bio, I would discourage you from applying to a program like nursing because that’s one of the core fundamental courses that you’ll need to do well in. It’ll only get harder the further you progress and you don’t want to end up flunking out.

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    • See I was struggling with bio was because of my teacher. If you seen, what type of teacher I had, then you would know. The smartest guy in our school who gets 95+ in most subjects, got a 84 here, and that’s the highest out of all the kids in Grade 11 bio. I managed to get a 78. Her class was the highest. In chemistry, i got 91, because our teacher can teach properly, and he didn’t inflate marks or anything, I earned that 91. Same goes to functions, I got 90. Tbh, I know I am capable of being a nurse, it’s just that I feel really stressed out when I get teachers like these, and my mark going downnn.
      Also, I am currently taking Health sciences, and I have 100 since the last 4 evaluations. So, in terms of the concepts learning in health sciences, I find it fascinating, easy to remember and ye. Anyways, thanks for the reply @hzllo. I’ll try my best to do good in bio.

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  3. Super late lol, but hey take your top 6 12U/M courses. They’ll look at your grade 11 marks for early admissions. Also, if you redo a grade 12 course, the majority of the school will look at your better grade. Looking at admission marks, I had a 84 average (in grade 11 and 12) and I got into uottawa-algonquin collab program, trent, ONtech and laurentian english and french. ONTech and Trent both required CASPer, which i think was a huge reason i got in. I also heard for uottawa main campus and McMaster, the minimum grades needed was 91.

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