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Queen’s vs Western for Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Hey, so I’m stuck interested in choosing between Queen’s and Western for the politics, philosophy and economics degree with a specializaition in economics. I currently have a low 90’s average with strong extra curriculars and the acceptance for both schools is at a low 80s. What are your thoughts on the program offered at bot schools?

Also, I chose this degree to go into law school but If I don’t get in, what other education pathways and jobs can I go into?

1 Answer

  1. For undergrad these programs will be very similar. I imagine Queens will be more conservative in its class makeup and ideologies. If you don't go to law school then political science and philosophy is completely useless from an employment perspective. You could try to do some sort of masters in public policy degree afterwards. But, really your options are limited with an arts undergraduate degree. I have many friends who did a pol sci degree and none of them continued their schooling. They all started out in some sort of entry level business type job. 
    You can leverage the economics degree and go into business. But, you'll need to continue your schooling through a masters in economics or do your CPA, CFA, etc. In either case, you're putting all your eggs in one basket with this law school or bust goal. Most people don't get into professional programs in Canada. 
    Since you can go to law school with any degree, I personally recommend doing a more practical undergraduate degree as a backup. 

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