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Queen’s University — Is The “Admission Cutoff” A Myth?

Hi. As of right now I’m a Grade 12 student in Ontario. My overall average is currently 92%, and still working to increase it. For my undergrad program I would like to do Science (QS) at Queen’s University. Particularly in Biology / Psychology.   Looking at the requirements, I see the minimum average is 82%. Of course, this is a very competitive program, and I expect that most students applying will have grades beyond an 82%.   So I’m wondering what is the real optimal / ideal average that the student should have for a high chance of being accepted into this program?   For anyone who is currently in this program at Queen’s, what was your admission average? Will I have good chances with a 92%?

4 Answers

  1. There’s lot of spots available in science, dude. It’s not a cut-throat program to get into. Anything beyond the cut-off should get you in.

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  2. According to the most recent CUDO data admissions averages for sciences were:
    95%+ 15.5%
    90-94.9% – 36.2%
    85-89.9% – 33.3%
    80-84.8% – 14.6%
    75-79.9% – *
    < 75% – 0.0%
    Over all – 89.5%
    To be on the safe side I'd say you want to be at least at 85% but closer to 89% would be better. A 92% will get you in no problem.
    See section B3

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  3. Go to an easier school to give yourself a better shot at getting into med school (or whatever your goals with a science degree is). There is nothing special about Queen’s sciences. Aim for McMaster health science, integrated science, arts & science, then apply to easier programs. Seriously, all that matters is your GPA and your high school grades are irrelevant once you go to university.

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  4. hey! i was wondering whether or not you got early acceptance to QS already b/c my friend had a 93 and got in!

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