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Queens Health Science Online Opinion

Hello. I was one of the students who got waitlisted for Queen’s Health Science program. Just got an update recently. Sadly, was differed from their on-campus program however they offered their online program instead. Just want some opinions if their online program would be suitable for students who have professional school (medicine particularly) aspirations for the future. As well, if you can, answer the questions below too. I really do appreciate everybody’s input!
  1.   Can I still stay on-campus/off-campus residence as a BHSc Online Degree Student?
2.       Can I get physical access to the Bracken Health Science library? 3.       Can I meet professors / TAs sometime in campus if needed? 4.       Can I build a network/Friends while staying close to Campus? 5.       Can I watch Fav Gael Game physically visiting campus? 6.   How can I feel, sense and enjoy lab work online? Am I allowed to visit labs? 7.   Does online course mean am not allowed in the classroom with an on-campus student but the rest of the university engagement possible to attend physically?

2 Answers

  1. Lol, why would you want to do your entire degree online? You’re going to miss out on the entire aspect of going to lecture and collaborating with your peers in-person. Watching a pre-recorded video is a whole different experience.

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